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hi not ness

ness is great, honestly, she’s incredibly sweet and cute. She’s very loving to those around her and generous. I’ve never had anything but a good experience with ness. Always welcoming, loving, and giving. Thank you ness. You’re a wonderful and welcoming presence on my dash. Adored.


when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


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about me;

"Working on Game of Thrones is amazing. There’s like five units all going on at the same time, and somehow they manage to put it all together at the end and it looks beautiful (…) The Daenerys section of Game of Thones, last year we shot in Morocco, and this year we’re shooting in Croatia. We get like the good end of the stick. Everybody else is in Ireland, or Iceland and all these cold places. And we get the beach." — Jacob Anderson for Hunger TV [x]


this is an acurrate representation of how i tell a joke




*sees a dog*

me: nice

*PETS a dog*

me: NICE

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Title: Allstar City
Artist: M83 / Smash Mouth
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